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My Stop Sign Survey

by PRR Member: GeorgiaCammer

A few weeks ago I had an assignment for my statistics class where I had to conduct a survey and analyze the data. So naturally I rode my bike, with pencil and clipboard in hand, to a nearby 5 way stop. The goal was to find out how many drivers come to a full stop (that means their wheels stopped turning) at their stop sign...

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The look of regret, June 2014, by ProjectRoadRush

It's too late for this man to question his judgement on how he drives, because the child he struck is already dead.

It's not only what he saw when his vehicle impacted this young child who was running for the school bus, but it's also the sound of a vehicle hitting the skin and bones of a child, and the sight of that child flying through the air and over a fence, that will haunt this man forever.  And the smell, the time of day which is (was) a beautiful clear blue day with a lite breeze, combined with the sounds of horror and cries of on-lookers, if only he had reconsidered how he drove. The horrible loss for the family and friends will be a constant reminder of what he took.

The time to figure out how to drive, and to understand the massive responsibility drivers have when holding a steering wheel is now - not after.

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Paul Walker autopsy, car traveling more than 100 mph

The Porsche carrying “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker was speeding at more than 100 miles per hour when it crashed in November, killing the actor and a friend, according to the final coroner’s report on the deaths.

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