Project Road Rush seeks to provide the public with information that will help make the roads safer for everyone.

We will accomplish this by

  • 1) supporting existing dash-cammers with ideas, tutorials and information that will help them broadcast their message more effectively, and

  • 2) publish handouts, posters and other media to encourage general road users the importance of driving professionally.

We will reach out to professional drivers first, like the police, fire, rescue, taxi's and car services, utility companies and other who uses the road in a significant and publicly visible way. Then we will focus on parents who essentially set the example of future generations.

Project Road Rush is an open community for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians who all have the common goal of making our roads safer for everyone.

Project Road Rush will seek to improve the education of all citizens of the world.

Project Road Rush will seek to desiminate information to influence better road awareness with the goal of keeping people safe.

While mechanical failure or natural disaster may cause an accident, the rest we consider collisions that are completely preventable.

FORUM: Use the forum on this site to make suggestions, ask questions, help coordinate and spread good ideas. Go to the forum HERE.

Project Road Rush is part of the network.

As of January 1, 2014 is under construction. Please visit the website for updates.

Be sure to check out 'Designed 4 Safety' which seeks to design better road elements and standards that will help everyone's travels trauma free.


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